For Walmart Sustainability, we wanted to take our target on an adventure and give them a story that they couldn’t wait to share. Picture a guy just wanting to become a better version of himself. Now picture that he is on this road to self discovery, loves sustainability and wants to learn more about living better through sustainability. Then add social media and a rockin’ RV and you have The Live Better Challenge. The Live Better Challenge is the idea our team of 10 came up with to get people interested in sustainability, living better and Walmart. It is a 3 month road trip that follows one guy on an adventure to learn more about sustainability and become a better version of himself. The trip would be documented through social media, an app and a website all with the branded Live Better Challenge.

This is the brand that I created to represent the Live Better Challenge. For our pitch to Walmart’s sustainability branch, we used an actually guy named DJ to show them how this campaign could work. Walmart’s sustainability branch also needed a brand, so we gave them one. Their brand would go along with the look and feel of the Live Better Challenge icons to fit in seamlessly.

Walmart Susty_Icons-04


Walmart Susty_Icons-05

The pre-roll video was shot and produced by our team. I helped with the concept for the video and helped with the production of the video. Walmart Pre-Roll from Danielle Yuede on Vimeo.


On our team, I was mainly responsible for our planbook that held our entire campaign from start until finish. The book contained 14 sections and totaled 186 pages. I was given a two week deadline to finish and produce the book to give to our client, Walmart Sustainability.

PlanBook_All Pictures



PlanBook_Live Better Challenge



PlanBook_Title Page


PlanBook_Team Page


PlanBook_Back Cover



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