I worked for MOJO Ad at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo. Our primary client for the semester was Tostitos. We were given the challenge to make Tostitos the top of mind party snacks for 21 to 25-year-olds. I worked on a team of 10 as the art director and was tasked to create all the executions that would be presented to the client. Our campaign focused on the idea of bringing the spirit of the weekend to Monday through Thursday. We wanted our target to get more out of their lives and start living everyday to its fullest potential with Tostitos. We competed against two other teams and were picked as the winner by the client.

SALSO: The Tostitos app engineered to help our target find fun things to do on weekdays






WEBSITE: Redesigned to fit the campaign and promote the app and “get more” philosophy


BUZZFEED: Targeted to our demographic to promote midweek movie nights

Buzzfeed in computer copy

SPOTIFY: Spotify ads geared to our demographic


REDBOX: A partnership with Redbox to promote midweek movie nights


IN-STORE: Banner ads placed around stores to promote getting more out of your weekday by living everyday like it’s the weekend


FOOD TRUCK: Experiential advertising for Tostitos to get people excited about Monday through Friday